Biggest-Ever Hack of User Data

catena d'oroRemember that cybersecurity breach Yahoo announced back in September 2016, reporting that 500 million user accounts had been hacked two years earlier? Earlier this week, the company outdid itself by reporting it also had been breached (in what seems to be a separate attack) in August 2013—and 1 billion accounts were compromised.

Wired calls this “the biggest known hack of user data ever.” Perhaps even more unsettling: as of this writing, Yahoo still doesn’t know who was responsible.

Breaches such as this are how other (non-Yahoo) accounts are compromised. It happens when folks use the same password for multiple accounts: once that password becomes available to hackers, you may have given them the keys to your kingdom. On the heels of this most recent and most gigantic breach, it would be a good time to ensure that your accounts all have different and secure passwords. Better yet, utilize multi-factor authentication where available.

Remember to treat your password like your toothbrush: get a new one frequently and never share.

Find out more about the Yahoo breach in the Wired article, Hack Brief: Hackers Breach a Billion Yahoo Accounts. A Billion

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