Incident Response Training in 50 Minutes

NYSTEC presented on Incident Response at the 2019 NYS Cyber Security Conference.  Below is the session description and the slides.  The presentation was done in Prezi so the PDF has some repeated slides due to the way Prezi works.  Enjoy and reach out with any questions.

Cyber Defense

Cyber Incident Response Planning – In 50 Minutes

Paul Romeo, NYSTEC

Robert Zeglen, NYSTEC

In today’s threat landscape, it is not a matter of if, but when, your organization will need to respond to a cyber incident. Hold off on buying that shiny new expensive security tool until you learn just how effective your incident response capability can become, simply by implementing the appropriate processes, procedures, and configurations into your existing environment. When it comes to incident response, communication and preparation are everything, because there may not be time to react properly, as things are moving too fast when an incident happens. In this session, we will cover the full incident response life cycle and share with you simple steps to immediately prepare your organization to respond to an incident effectively. We will share best practices and freely available resources that you can use to prepare. It is our goal that after this presentation, you will return to your organization with an approach to plan to prepare your organization in how to respond when a cyber incident happens.

Incident Response Training – NYSTEC NYS Cyber Security Conference 2019

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